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General Yiddish Information Processing Resources
  • Yidishe Shraybmashinke (Yiddish Typewriter), by Raphael Finkel: a tool for Composing Yiddish through the Web, and also for translating between various character sets, document formats, and encodings. It lets you compose a page of Yiddish text, typed in transliteration, in a number of formats, including images (GIF’s) that you can immediately see. It also can produce Unicode documents in Windows Hebrew Code Page 1255, MacOS Hebrew, Unicode UCS-2 and UTF-8 formats, and PostScript files. A heymish Yiddish font is also provided. A truly wonderful resource. Thank you Raphael! Lang lebn zolt ir, Rafoyl!

  • Entering Yiddish via the standard keyboards, by Ulrich Greve, is a web app. It displays an English-phonetic-style virtual Yiddish keyboard layout, which lets you can either click on letters or type them in using your regular (ASCII) keyboard. You then can copy/paste the resulting Yiddish text.

  • Yiddish Typer - Yiddish Keyboard - Chrome Extension, by Yankl-Perets Blum, is a Chrome extension. It uses advanced input processing to let you enter Latin letters spelling Yiddish words phonetically in YIVO transcription and get the correct Hebrew characters inserted into your Chrome browser. For the words in Yiddish that are not spelled phonetically, generally those that come from the Hebrew-Aramaic historic component of Yiddish, certain keystrokes are assigned to certain letters that only come up in such cases, e.g., for letters like Sin, Veyz, Kof, and so on. A help file called “hints” provides details on this and gives help on other aspects of using the system. This is actually one of the most popular ways of typing text in Yiddish currently (2017) among anglophones who write in Klal Yiddish!

  • YiddishK - Yiddish/Hebrew Keyboard - iOS app by Lawrence Kay, is a free iOS keyboard (for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) that supports standard YIVO Yiddish orthography.

  • Ulrich Greve’s Free Downloadable Yiddish Software site has great, original software with the Yiddish language featured front and center. Examples: a Yiddish OCR program, a Yiddish-English Dictionary program, etc.

  • Days and Months (Yiddish Localization Information)

  • Phonetic Yiddish Keyboards (QWERTY-based): Join the UYIP mailing list for a discussion of QUERTY-based phonetic keyboard designs for Yiddish information processing.

  • Hebrew Keyboards: Join the UYIP mailing list for a discussion of keyboard designs for Yiddish information processing.

  • Nir Dagen’s Review of Hebrew-language Support in Browsers.

  • RFC 1555: Hebrew Character Encoding for Internet Messages describes a protocol for transmitting Hebrew in the ISO-8859-8 character set. Since it only encodes the 27 Hebrew alphabetic characters and no diacritics nor extended Hebrew characters such as Yiddish digraphs, it has limited use for Yiddish.

  • More resources to come; stay tuned….